Halley's Prophecy

The Adventure Begins

Edmond Halley was a natural philosopher at first, but after discovering a distant blue object that he said would return in the year 1899, over two hundred years in his future, Edmund became a prophet.

Cults formed based on the chilling prophecy. For the first time, a natural philosopher could predict with utter certainty the occurrence of a very real phenomenon, and the world was shaken.

What would happen when the comet struck the Earth? Surely destruction on a massive scale. The way of the ancient reptiles, it was said. All sorts of preparations were made to avert the comet from colliding with the Earth, some would have taken out most of the world in a single blow. Some went underground, and some just went about as normal – embracing their impending doom.

Lo, when it hit, the world came to – and the Sun had changed, the stars had moved, and the sky was darker, the world was colder. It was not annihilated, nor did the plants all die and the Earth cloud over with dust.

Since that moment, people have begun to feel occult and arcane abilities. From being able to withstand great punishment, to controlling fire from a distance. Surely they were witches, think some. Surely they were gifted by God, think others.

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