Halley’s Prophecy

In the year 1890, they called it Haley’s Prophecy. In the year 1899, when it finally struck, it was called doomsday. The next second, everyone woke up, exactly where they were. But the stars were no longer in the same place, the and Sun was no longer yellow and hot. All around you, the old stone buildings are the same, but the sky is darker and cold.

In the next weeks, people all around you start developing arcane abilities, and scientific breakthroughs are coming at incomprehensible leaps. The world is changing – and crime is at a new arms race. Will you fight to keep the moral status-quo or dig into what happened with Haley’s Prophecy because of an insatiable appetite for knowledge or to set things back to the way they were?

You burst back into sentience and look around.

Halley's Prophecy